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NWA has grown amazingly quickly - and it continues to grow. Many of our members want to be associated with the organization, to be informed of our activities and to participate whenever possible - but live too far away to attend meetings. So, some members have begun to form chapters to bring NWA closer to you.

Sacandaga Chapter

The Sacandaga Chapter was formed in June of 2000. It currently has approximately 40 members who meet once a month, 12 months a year. The chapter currently meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Mayfield High School wood shop at the rear of the school.

The current Chapter officers are:

Co-Presidents: Mike Kratky & Joe Artikuski
NWA Board Representative: Mike Kratky
Treasurer: Mike Kratky
Newsletter: Richard Edel / Joe Artikuski
Program / Education Chair: Gary Spencer

All NWA members, or those who wish to join NWA, can become members of the Sacandaga Chapter with no additional charges entailed. The meetings are devoted to similar topics for woodworkers as the parent NWA meetings. Just a little closer for some, plus 12 meetings a year.

Mid-Hudson Woodworkers Chapter

The Mid-Hudson Woodworkers Chapter is located in Kingston NY. The chapter meets at the Hurley Reformed Church on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM. The church is located at 17 Main St. Hurley, NY just a short distance from Route NYS209. The Mid-Hudson Woodworkers website is MidHudsonWoodworkers.Org. A current events blog listing meetings and events is at

The current Chapter officers are:

President: Bob Boisvert
Vice President: Ralph Zimmerman
Treasurer: John Grossbohlin
Secretary: Duane Henry
Historian: Bernie O'Malley

Interested in joining the NWA in the Mid-Hudson Region? Call Wally Cook at 845.338.2193 or


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